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March 7, 2023

Cordance Completes Acquisition of Neatoscan, Inc.; Joining Forces with Upright Labs

Transaction Services

Exbo Group performed the financial due diligence for Cordance’s acquisition of Neatoscan. This acquisition will expand Cordance’s offerings in the market, providing implementation and advisory services that will help resellers and secondhand thrift stores improve operations, increase sales, and achieve growth. 

As part of the financial due diligence performed, Exbo analyzed Neatoscan's financial statements to ensure accuracy and completeness. Exbo also examined revenue streams, expenses, and cash flow to identify any potential issues or concerns. Then, a comprehensive understanding of Neatoscan's financial health, as well as the identification of any potential risks or opportunities associated with the deal, were provided to the client.

Sharon Love, CEO of Cordance, said, “the combined capabilities of Neatoscan and Upright Labs enable us to realize our vision of providing a comprehensive reselling solution for collectibles, books, and the broad range of products that secondhand online retailers provide to their customers. These retailers have an important role to play in our communities and we are pleased to expand our support of their missions and sustainability initiatives.”

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January 24, 2023

Journey Clinical raises $9M to support psychedelic therapy

CFO and Accounting Advisory

Journey Clinical recently announced that it raised $8.5 million in Series A funding in a round led by Union Square Ventures. Exbo advised Journey on its strategic growth plan through fundraising, built financial projections and KPI reports for the dataroom, and worked directly with investors to support their financial diligence requests.

Other key investors included AlleyCorp, Fifty Years, Able Partners, Gaingels, Palo Santo, PsyMed Ventures, Coalition Partners, Mystic Ventures, Colibri, Satori Capital.  

Jonathan Sabbagh, CEO of Journey, started the company with a goal of supporting therapists who were interested in providing psychedelic-assisted therapy. He said, “we built a platform that gives therapists everything they need to incorporate this into their practice. Our primary client is always the therapist."

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November 29, 2022

Neobank for Native Americans Raises Pre-Seed Funding

CFO and Accounting Advisory

Totem recently announced that it raised $2.2 million in pre-seed funding. The round was led by Raven Indigenous Capital Partners. Exbo supported Totem by assisting in detailed pricing analysis, providing in-depth cash runway analysis and developing financial projections. 

Other key investors included Alloy Alchemist Fund, Debut Capital, Ruthless for Good and the Candide Group.  

Amber Buker, founder and CEO of Totem, said their focus is to “change the status quo and create a new tradition of Native wealth building. We’re doing it in a way that honors and uplifts our people.” The funding will be used to hire new staff as Totem works to build the app from scratch.

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November 10, 2022

Cosmo Prof Launches New Platform Enabling Stylists to Build More Profitable Businesses

CFO and Accounting Advisory

As a major 2023 strategic initiative, Sally’s Beauty Supply, the largest distributor of professional salon products, recently partnered with SalonHQ, a new commerce platform that delivers instant e-commerce to beauty professionals. Exbo supported SalonHQ by building out topline revenue projections for multiple revenue streams and an accompanying take rate analysis. 

Through SalonHQ’s innovative e-commerce technology, Sally Beauty Supply is able to handle all orders so that stylists don’t have to worry about shipment, fulfillment or inventory management. Denise Paulonis, President and CEO at Sally Beauty Holdings said, "we understand retail is a significant value driver for stylists. However, the upfront costs of managing inventory can be burdensome and overwhelming to take on. With a free and customizable digital platform backed by Cosmo Prof's expansive assortment and fulfillment capabilities, stylists can easily sell products directly to their clients 24/7 while earning commission."

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October 31, 2022

Hair Extension Brand Nourie Closed a $2.5 Million Seed Round, a Difficult Feat for Black Female Founders

CFO and Accounting Advisory

In September, Aja Labs completed a $2.5 million Seed round led by Impact America Fund, Better Ventures, and SOSV’s accelerator IndieBio. This feat makes Osahon Ojeaga one of the first Black women to ever raise more than $1 million in venture capital. Exbo works with Osahon to provide strategic spend analyses and advice on investor relations. 

Aja is a startup that makes plant-based braiding hair extensions that deliver nutrients to the scalp. The products are expected to launch in November. When asked about her product, Ojeaga said, “When describing the value of our product compared to the value of what exists in the market today, you can’t beat it.”

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August 18, 2022

Motivo Health Raises $14M Series A to Address Demand for Mental Healthcare Services

CFO and Accounting Advisory

Motivo raised $14 million during its Series A funding round led by Cox Enterprises. SteelSky Ventures was another key investor. The funds will help the company establish contracts with health organizations and create partnerships with graduate schools to carry out its mission of providing accessible, affordable clinical supervision to aspiring therapists. Exbo Group provides ongoing strategic financial diligence support to Motivo.

Rachel McCrickard, Motivo’s CEO, said, “I started Motivo to solve a problem that I experienced on my own road to licensure, which was lack of access to a clinical supervisor.” Motivo’s aim is to help aspiring therapists complete their licensing journey. The company leveraged the growth of telehealth during the pandemic in order to virtually connect therapists with clinical supervisors.

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August 2, 2022

Achieve Partners’ Latest Workforce Investment Takes Aim at Workday Skills Shortage

Transaction Services

Exbo Group worked with Achieve Partners to support its acquisition of Helios Consulting, a certified Workday Advisory Partner. As a result of this acquisition, Helios will be able to expand its Rise Program, which trains recent college graduates and early-career professionals so they can become Workday Pro Certified. 

Ryan Craig, Managing Director of Achieve Partners, said, “workday has become the dominant platform for human resources and is one of the fastest growing SaaS ecosystems. While there are tens of thousands of open, unfilled jobs for Workday Pro Certified consultants, before Helios launched Rise there was no clear pathway to working in Workday. Achieve is excited to partner with Helios to scale Rise and help launch thousands of Workday careers.” Achieve Partners invests in technologies and business models that help level the playing field in the job market and improve socioeconomic mobility.

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July 26, 2022

Fintech Guava Raises $2.4M to Provide Banking Services to Black Small-Business Owners

CFO and Accounting Advisory

Guava, a fintech company, recently completed a $2.4 million pre-seed funding round led by Heron Rock. The funds will help the company expand its team and build more credit products to provide access to capital for entrepreneurs in rural areas. Exbo Group has begun providing ongoing financial support to Guava.

Other key investors included Ruthless for Good Fund, Precursor Ventures, Backstage Capital, Lexi Reese and Ed Zimmerman.

Kelly Ifill, Guava’s Founder, said, “not only have legacy banks underserved Black communities for decades, but they also failed to recognize the vast financial opportunities they missed by doing so. Digital banks like Guava can help by providing broader access to core services, networks and liquidity.” Guava aims to narrow the racial wealth gap by providing financial services to Black small businesses and creators.

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June 23, 2022

Virtual Facility Raises $9 Million Seed Round to Scale Alarm Triage Software

CFO and Accounting Advisory

Virtual Facility raised $9 million during its seed funding round led by Camber Creek. The funds will help the company improve its cloud-based SaaS platform, Alarm Triage, which provides companies with more efficient insight into their facility operations. Exbo Group provides ongoing financial diligence support to Virtual Facility.

Other key investors included Primary and Ubiquity Ventures.

Mark Prewett, Virtual Facility’s Co-Founder and CEO, said, “We help critical facilities teams direct their attention to where it’s needed most. Every day, we hear from our customers how Alarm Triage has expedited their ability to identify the root cause of issues and mitigate operational risk. Virtual Facility provides building intelligence solutions that help institutional facilities better understand, control, predict, and reduce operational expenditures.

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June 8, 2022

CareAcademy Raises $20M in New Strategic Funding Led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management

CFO and Accounting Advisory

CareAcademy raised $20 million during its strategic investment round led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management. This funding will allow the company to provide millions of caregivers with the necessary skills to offer high-quality home and community-based care. Exbo Group provides ongoing, strategic financial diligence support to CareAcademy.

Key investors included MassMutual through the MM Catalyst Fund, Impact America Fund, Rethink Education, Unseen Capital and First Trust Capital Partners, LLC.

CareAcademy co-founder and CEO, Helen Adeosun, said, “This strategic investment positions CareAcademy to meet its ambitious goal of empowering 1 million caregivers by 2023. Caregivers across the entire long-term care continuum will access CareAcademy to meet not only their state and federal required training but also the needs of the patients and loved ones they support.” The company provides home care and home health organizations of all sizes with easy-to-use, web-based training.

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June 1, 2022

SurePoint Technologies Announces Acquisition of Coyote Analytics

Transaction Services

Exbo Group supported the financial diligence on behalf of SurePoint Technologies during its acquisition of Coyote Analytics. This acquisition will provide legal professionals with the widest array of CRM, financial, and practice management software on the legal market. 

The two award-winning systems will complement one another as SurePoint begins to roll the best of each system into the other.

Tom Obermaier, CEO of SurePoint, said, “We are excited to welcome the Coyote Analytics family of clients to the SurePoint Community. They will continue to be served by the same best-in-class team. Coyote’s products are and will remain an essential part of the SurePoint experience.” SurePoint Technologies will now be the unrivaled leader for predictive systems for the legal industry.

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March 21, 2022

Helcim Raises $16 Million Series A to Build the Future of Payments for Small Business

Transaction Services

Exbo Group supported the financial diligence on behalf of Aquiline Technology Growth on its investment in Helcim, part of a $16 million Series A financing round. The funding will be used expand Helcim’s ecosystem of tools that ensure small businesses can access the payments solutions they deserve.

This financing round was also led by Information Venture Partners. Other key investors included Generational Platform Partners, Accelerate Fund III, Boris Wertz, Jason Smith, Hanif Joshaghani and Kevin Sandhu. 

Helcim Founder and CEO, Nic Beique, said, “We built Helcim to provide the payment tools that allow small businesses to thrive by combining our payments-first approach, accessible and easy to use software, alongside our knowledgeable and helpful customer service.” The company has seen great success since re-launching as a payments facilitator in June 2020.

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March 14, 2022

Supply Chain Firm Silq Raises 17.6 Million in Series A Funding

CFO and Accounting Advisory

Silq recently raised $17.6 million during its Series A funding round led by F-Prime Capital and Flexport Ventures. This funding will be used to expand the company’s reach outside of Asia and to provide consumers with a wider range of services. Exbo Group provided financial diligence support for Silq on this funding round.

As a company that was built during the pandemic, a Silq spokesperson states that “This milestone is a huge validation for our teams around the world challenging the status quo and driving change.” Silq is a supply chain company that offers a variety of services to provide its clients with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions available.

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March 1, 2022

Rupa Health Raises $20M to Bring Root Cause Medicine to the World

CFO and Accounting Advisory

Rupa Health raised a $20 million Series A funding round led by Bessemer Ventures New Funds. The funds will help the company meet increasing practitioner and patient demand. Exbo Group provided ongoing finance and operations support during and post-fundraise to advise Rupa as the company continues to scale. 

Key investors included First Round Capital, Lachy Groom, SV Angel, Floodgate, Hustle Fund, Operator Collective, the Chainsmokers, Jared Leto, and Joe Montana. 

Talia Goldberg, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, said, “The traditional health system has focused on treating each symptom with a pill rather than looking at how nutrition, genetics, lifestyle choices, and medications work together to affect health and wellness. Rupa is changing this and accelerating the next evolution in medicine – root cause medicine.” Rupa supports practitioners across the country and puts an emphasis on patient experience when providing their root cause medicine.

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February 16, 2022

SurePoint Technologies Announces Acquisition of ContactEase CRM for Law Firms

Transaction Services

SurePoint Technologies has announced its acquisition of ContactEase, a leading CRM solution for legal professionals. This acquisition will put the company ahead of its competitors, and will aid the company in helping lawyers automate their processes so they can focus on their practices. Exbo Group supported the financial diligence efforts on behalf of SurePoint Technologies.

SurePoint CEO, Tom Obermaier, said, “Our two companies share a similar trajectory and history, a corresponding middle market client base, complementary values and corporate cultures, and the ability and desire to merge two state-of-the-art platforms into one groundbreaking best-in-class solution for all legal management and marketing needs.” SurePoint Technologies provides law firms nationwide with financial and practice management software that improves efficiency and performance.

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January 24, 2022

Mentor Collective Raises $21M to Accelerate Mission of Bridging Equity Gaps in Higher Education

CFO and Accounting Advisory

Mentor Collective raised $21 million during its Series A funding round led by Resolve Growth Partners and Lumina Foundation. Key activities included building the pro forma financial model associated with the raise and meeting with key investors. Exbo Group provided financial diligence support to Mentor Collective on this round.

This new financing will be used to develop new products, services and training methods that will continue to support mentorship in higher education.

Jackson Boyar, the Co-Founder and CEO of Mentor Collective, said, “The United States increasingly lags behind the developed world in economic mobility, and higher education must play a role in close the gap.” The company’s platform provides institutions of higher education with the tools and support they need to create strong mentorship programs that focus on improving opportunities for underserved student populations.

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November 18, 2021

Achieve Partners Acquires Ro Health to Create Apprenticeships for School Health Workers

Transaction Services

Achieve Partners announced its acquisition of Ro Health, a medical staffing and home health agency. This move will help Achieve Partners build its apprenticeship program for entry-level healthcare workers. Exbo Group provided Achieve Partners with financial diligence for this acquisition. 

Ro Health is the fifth company Achieve Partners has acquired since fundraising $180 million in June 2021. Daniel Pianko, the Managing Director at Achieve, said, “We’re investing in rapidly-growing companies where the biggest problem faced is access to high-quality talent at scale.” Noticing the lack of full-time nurses and school psychologists in U.S. public schools, Achieve Partners’ apprenticeship program will focus mainly on school nurses and behavioral therapists.

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September 21, 2021

New Apprenticeship Closes $2.5M Seed Funding to Solve Entry Level Tech and Diversity Hiring Gaps Backed By ECMC Group and Others

Transaction Services

Exbo Group supported financial diligence for ECMC Group’s Education Impact Fund. Other Key investors included the Dell Foundation, Michelson 20MM Foundation and Learnstart.

New Apprenticeship aims to bridge the opportunity gap by changing the way tech talent is recruited and developed. Brad Voeller, CEO of the company, said, “Modern degree apprenticeships represent the greatest breakthrough in workforce innovation because they crete accessible pathways for students to pursue high-value careers without requiring access to costly 4-year universities.” This funding will be used to build out the company’s management team.

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September 17, 2021

Journey Clinical Raises $3M to Allow Psychotherapists to Offer Psychedelic Therapies

CFO and Accounting Advisory

Journey Clinical recently raised $3 million during its Series A funding round led by Fifty Years. This funding will be put towards helping psychotherapists to better treat their patients. Exbo Group provides ongoing financial diligence support to Journey.

Key investors included Neo Kuma Ventures, Palo Santo, PsyMed Ventures, Lionheart Ventures, Christina Sass, Edvard Engesæth and Hans Gangeskar.

Journey Clinical’s “decentralized clinic model” provides patients with access to legal psychedelic therapy treatments through their psychotherapists. John Sabbagh, the Co-Founder and CEO of Journey Clinical, said, “We are on the verge of a paradigm shift in the field of mental health. Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies are one of the most promising new means of treatment available.”

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August 19, 2021

Apprenticeship Fund Announces Salesforce Investment in Cloud for Good

Transaction Services

Achieve Partners recently invested in Cloud for Good, a Salesforce solutions provider that works with higher education and nonprofit sectors. Exbo Group supported Achieve on this investment and provides them with ongoing financial diligence support.

Achieve will launch its Talent for Good apprenticeship program which aims to train new Salesforce talent. Corinne Spears, Achieve’s Vice President, said, “America’s business are increasingly running on Salesforce. Unfortunately, few colleges and universities are providing relevant training. The new Talent for Good apprenticeship pathway will help Cloud for Good server current higher education and nonprofit clients, while also demonstrating the potential of next-generation apprenticeship programs to create new pathways to good jobs and close America’s skills gap.”

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August 5, 2021

Avathon Capital Invests in ReUp Education to Create Better Pathways for Adult Learners

CFO and Accounting Advisory

Avathon Capital invested in ReUp to help the organization expand its products, services, team of coaches, and academic program options. Exbo Group provided ReUp with key accounting and financial diligence support during this process. 

This funding will focus on areas like technology and engineering, digital marketing, learner experience, data and analytics, and educational choice. 

ReUp Co-Founder, Sarah Horn, said, “We’ve found a committed partner whose long-standing history of driving impact and working with technology-forward education companies tightly aligns with out mission.” ReUp Education aims to provide adult learners with greater access to educational options, services and career pathways. 

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June 9, 2021

AllHere Raises $8M Series A to Tackle Absenteeism in K-12 Schools

CFO and Accounting Advisory

AllHere raised $8 million during its Series A funding round led by Spero Ventures. Other key investors included Rethink Education, Gratitude Railroad, Potencia Ventures, Boston Impact Initiative, SoftBank’s Opportunity Fund, Operator Collective and Yard Ventures. Exbo Group provides ongoing financial diligence support to AllHere.

AllHere is an Edtech startup that was founded by Joanna Smith, a former math teacher. Smith says that the Series A funding comes at a pivotal moment when schools are rethinking their methods for supporting students and families following the pandemic. The company’s goal is to decrease absenteeism by providing students and parents with more effective support services. In 2021, AllHere’s revenue grew 700 percent.

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May 8, 2021

Crehana Raises $70m in Series B Funding Round

Transaction Services

Crehana recently raised $70 million during its Series B funding round. This represents Latin America’s largest Series B funding for an education technology company. Exbo Group provided Rethink with financial diligence support ahead of this funding round.

This financing round was led by General Atlantic. Other key investors include Mountain Nazca, Salesforce Ventures, Rethink Education, ALIVE Ventures, IFC and Dila Capital. 

Diego Olcese, founder and CEO of Crehana, said, “Our mission is to make career development universal and empower Latin American companies to effectively build their teams in the fast-paced word in which we’re living.” Crehana is a Latin American company that offers a variety of courses and resources that are meant to build on employees’ techniques and competencies.

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April 30, 2021

Aquiline Capital Partners-Backed Primepay Announces Acquisition of SyncHR

Transaction Services

Backed by Aquiline Capital Partners, PrimePay has announced its acquisition of SyncHR, a payroll and benefits management software provider. This unification of PrimePay and SyncHR will lead to greater insights and efficiencies in the industry that will drive business operations and growth. Exbo Group worked with Aquiline to support this acquisition.

Aquiline is a private investment firm that invests in companies related to technology, business services, and healthcare. When partnering with companies, Aquiline aims to support aggressive growth initiatives and other paths to equity value creation. The firm boasts $6.1 billion in assets.

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March 30, 2021

Upswing Announces $5 Million in Series A Funding to Accelerate Connected College Experience for Nontraditional Students

CFO and Accounting Advisory

Upswing recently announced that they raised $5 million during their Series A funding round led by Imaginable Futures and JP Morgan Chase. The funds will help expand student support services and the company’s new Mental Health and Wellness Module. Exbo Group provides ongoing financial diligence support to Upswing.

Key investors included Bonsal Capital, the Agave Fund, Sustain VC, the Impact America Fund and Lumina Foundation.

Upswing Co-Founder and CEO, Melvin Hines, said, “These investments will help us accelerate [our] vision by providing the necessary talent, systems, and other resources to build and scale our efforts to support student retention and engagement for nontraditional students.” Upswing aims to bridge the resources gap seen in higher education by providing nontraditional students with both academic and nonacademic support.

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June 11, 2020

Boston’s CareAcademy Gets $9.5M Series A to Boost Training for Senior Care

CFO and Accounting Advisory

Care Academy recently raised $9.5 million during its Series A funding round led by Impact America Fund and Rethink Education. Key activities included creation of the data room, meeting with investors, and building the pro forma model associated with the raise. Exbo Group provides ongoing financial diligence support to CareAcademy.

Key investors included Rethink Impact, Revoluation Rose of the Rest, Wanxiang America Healthcare Investment, Techstars Ventures, Strada, and ECMC.

CareAcademy co-founder and CEOsaid, “We started CareAcademy in 2016 with a simple idea: to empower caregivers to learn how to deliver the best care to older adults with the support, guidance and compassion needed to improve their quality of life.” The company now provides high-quality, state-approved, online caregiver training for home care agencies that increases caregiver knowledge.

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