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CFO and Controllership Advisory
CEOs and CFOs

CFO Services

Whether we are acting CFOs or providing existing CFOs with sophisticated support, our team combines decades of experience in investment banking, private equity, and management consulting to provide game changing financial insights and help set the strategic direction of the firm.

Exbo Group actively collaborates with our clients to facilitate growth and drive key decision making through the financial model, budgeting process and KPIs.

Our CFO services include:

Pro Forma Financial Model

We develop a precise pro forma financial model that generates clean financial statements, using these projections to proactively manage your business towards key operational milestones.

Precise Cash Management

We meticulously track spending and make real-time adjustments to your cash runway in response to changes in revenue, hiring, and spending decisions. 

Investor Diligence and Board Reporting

We guide you through the fundraising process by developing key metrics that align with the outputs in the financial model. This empowers your management team to confidently present a cohesive growth strategy. During quarterly board meetings, Exbo Group often presents as the finance function, allowing you to focus your efforts on growth initiatives and delivering for your customers.