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CFO and Controllership Advisory
CEOs and CFOs

Ongoing Accounting

When basic bookkeeping is no longer sufficient. A premier accounting function means that your financial statements are always accurate and robust enough to meeting the reporting demands of institutional investors and auditors.

Exbo Group's dedicated team of CPAs steps in to provide invaluable support and ensure that your financial operations remain accurate and timely.

Our tailored services for CEOs and CFOs like you encompass the following:

Monthly Financial Statements

We understand the importance of accurate and timely financial statements. Our team takes care of all the necessary activities to maintain ongoing accounting and produce precise financial data on a monthly basis. This consistent reporting is pivotal for staying on top of your financial health.

Accounting Master File

We maintain an Accounting Master File that records intricate accounting details. This file is a cornerstone in producing a rolling balance sheet reconciliation, making financial diligence and audits as seamless as possible.

Department-Level Payroll Allocation

We enhance reporting accuracy and analysis by allocating payroll at the department level, providing you with valuable insights into your workforce and its costs.

Timely Financial Reporting

We ensure that books are consistently closed, with a financial reporting package delivered by the 15th business day of each month. This punctual delivery of financial data is crucial for making informed decisions and efficiently managing your finances.