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Transaction Services
Private Equity and VC Investors

Financial Due Diligence

Executed by a team comprised of former Big 4 advisors, Exbo Group’s quality of earnings combine the experience and speed of a large auditor with the high-touch, customized feel of a boutique advisory firm.

Buying and selling companies, assets or even making an investment in a major project can be risky. Objective due diligence can help mitigate these risks as well as highlight opportunities to create value and make a transaction successful. 

Exbo Group focuses on seamless operational integration during our two-step diligence process. This ensures a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of an acquisition, and our expertise in net working capital management is a standout feature. We offer hands-on support to the buyer, assisting them in accurately classifying accounts and assessing the impact on the purchase price.

With Exbo Group's financial due diligence, you can navigate acquisitions with confidence and operational efficiency. Our services encompass:

Comprehensive Due Diligence

We conduct a thorough two-step diligence process that covers all aspects of the acquisition, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the target company.

Data Quality Enhancement

We address data quality challenges and ensure that accounting data complies with GAAP standards for transparency.

Quality of Earnings File

Our quality of earnings file serves as a valuable resource for post-acquisition transition, providing guidance for controllership and CFO functions.

GAAP Accrual Accounting

Our data book covers all necessary schedules for GAAP accrual accounting, including the revenue waterfall and payroll liabilities.