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Tax Advisory
Private Equity and VC Investors

Tax Due Diligence

With deep Big-4 experience, Exbo Group’s tax diligence team works with some of the world leading private equity funds to provide the rapid, but still comprehensive, diligence required for lower middle market strategies.

Tax Diligence identifies possible tax exposure as a result of a transaction and ensures that the deal pricing accounts for potential tax implications.

For both asset purchases and equity purchases, Exbo will review tax returns, including income, sales and use, and property tax returns to help buyers identify any significant potential tax exposure they may inherit from the purchase. 

Exbo Group’s due diligence helps provide the buyer with insight into the tax situation of the current company. This can include the valuation of any tax attributes—such as net operating losses or credits—that may be part of the purchase price or excluded from the sale.

Our Tax Diligence services offer:

Tax Exposure Assessment

We identify potential tax exposure and ensure that the deal pricing accounts for these implications.

Review of Tax Returns

Our thorough review of tax returns helps buyers uncover any inherited tax exposure, providing a clear understanding of the tax situation.

Collaboration with Tax Attorneys

We work closely with tax attorneys to help structure the new business in a tax-efficient manner.