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CFO and Controllership Advisory
CEOs and CFOs


Senior accounting professionals ensure financials are stated on a GAAP basis and are audit ready at all times. We map the order-to-cash process to ensure data accurately flows from the front to back office and recommend new systems to help financial operations scale seamlessly as the business grows.

The success of your organization hinges on the accuracy and expertise of your financial operations. In many cases, target companies may have adequate resources, but lack the specialized knowledge needed to produce precise financials. Exbo Group's team of expert CPAs step in to implement GAAP standards, ensuring that your financials are audit-ready every month.

Our tailored services for CEOs and CFOs are designed to empower your organization in the following ways:

Comprehensive reporting and analysis

We produce a sophisticated financial monthly reporting package for the CFO with deep insight into revenue and cost variances, highlighting which numbers finance should focus on with management and investors.

Order to Cash Assessment

At the outset of every engagement, we invest time in getting to know your organization and its unique financial operations. It serves as the foundation for evaluating and enhancing your company's financial operations with a focus on scalability.

Robust Financial Operations Manual

This manual clearly delineates ownership responsibilities across accounting, working capital, finance, and core operations activities. In close collaboration with you, we assign specific ownership lanes for monthly activities, establishing a strong foundation for ongoing processes.

Operations Scorecard

We create an operations scorecard that meticulously assesses the current operational risks within your order-to-cash process.