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Education Services and Technology

At Exbo Group, our passion for driving innovation in education technology has been the cornerstone of our journey. With a deep-seated commitment to revolutionizing learning experiences, we proudly serve a diverse concentration of education technology clients. This is not just a business focus; it's a part of our DNA. This is where our business started and where we still maintain a strong foothold. 

We work with the leading venture and growth equity investors in education, and actively provide services across corporate advisory and financial due diligence. Through the years, we have expanded our expertise beyond traditional finance support, becoming a reliable strategic partner that proactively helps education focused clients grow and scale.

From working with companies who are shaping young minds in K-12 settings to partnering with startups who are fostering growth in Secondary Education, and even those facilitating the transition to meaningful careers through Workforce Development initiatives, Exbo Group has supported several areas within the Education vertical. Our team, composed of experts with a blend of industry insight and cutting-edge perspectives, is committed to propelling the education technology sector forward. With a track record of empowering companies, we stand resolute in our mission to transform education through technology and innovation.