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Transaction Services
Private Equity and VC Investors

Target Assessment

Prior to a transaction, our team provides mission critical pre-LOI analysis of a potential target, including data cleansing and customer analysis.

Exbo Group offers comprehensive services for target assessment, enabling investors to make well-informed decisions when considering acquisitions. Our team evaluates a target's financial performance, diving deep into profitability, revenue quality, growth potential, liquidity, and cash flow generation capacity. By analyzing historical financial statements, projections, and key performance indicators (KPIs), we identify potential risks that could impact the success of an acquisition.

We specialize in dealing with sub-par quality data sets, turning them into meaningful financial information that investors can use for evaluation. This process involves data cleansing, organization and digitization, which is particularly beneficial for sellers with data gaps or data scattered across various systems. By utilizing a quick, cost-efficient, and thorough approach, we pinpoint financial risks related to the target company's financial health. This includes concerns like declining revenue, high debt levels, concentration risk, retention issues, and collections concerns.

With Exbo Group's expertise in target assessment, you can benefit from:

Data Transformation

We convert sub-optimal data into valuable financial insights, ensuring you have a solid foundation for evaluation.

Risk Identification

Our in-depth analysis uncovers potential pitfalls such as declining revenue, high debt, and concentration risk, allowing you to make well-informed decisions.

Historical Analysis

We delve into historical financial statements and KPIs, providing you with a comprehensive view of the target's financial performance.

Data Organization

We streamline data scattered across systems, making it easily accessible for a more efficient assessment process.

Financial Health Assessment

Exbo Group's services help you gauge the target's financial health, identifying areas that may require attention.