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Sales Tax Management

Sales tax has become a central concern for many companies, especially now that many states require service companies to remit sales tax. Our team ensures all sales tax is calculated correctly and filed on time.

Sales tax compliance has become a critical concern for many companies, especially in light of evolving regulations where many states now require service companies to remit sales tax. With sales and use tax policy varying by jurisdiction, application may be difficult for inexperienced or understaffed tax departments. At Exbo Group, we are committed to ensuring that your sales tax matters are handled accurately and promptly.

Our comprehensive services for clients include:

Sales Tax Determination

We assist our clients in determining their sales and use tax obligations, taking into account their state footprint, industry, and the products or processes they sell. Additionally, we identify potential exemptions to help minimize your tax liabilities.

Sales Tax Filing

Exbo Group prepares and files the applicable sales and use tax returns with each jurisdiction, ensuring that your tax obligations are met in a compliant and timely manner.

Filing Automation

We work to seamlessly integrate filing software into our clients' invoicing systems, streamlining the process of tax collection and remittances.