Transaction Services

For Private Equity and Venture Capital

Bespoke buy-side diligence that addresses the unique challenges of small and mid-cap deals

We believe in simplicity when solving complex challenges

Our team works closely with investors to tailor financial diligence to the specific needs of each deal.

Two-Step Quality of Earnings

A proprietary approach to address challenges with small-to-mid-cap private companies that have inconsistent or incomplete data ahead of an acquisition. Exbo Group first restates all accounting data to GAAP at the transaction level. After restatement, all pro forma and quality of earnings adjustments are performed to recast the business for the diligence process.

Working Capital Confirmation

Our QoE process gives us deep insight into the closing balance sheet. Exbo Group uses the restated financial to help set working capital pegs and support holdback calculations, making the closing process more efficient.

Purchase Price Allocation and Closing Balance Sheet

Post close, the target’s accounting team often requires support creating a closing balance sheet. We leverage the clean accounting data created throughout diligence to calculate the closing balance and goodwill. The process is documented in detail to support future audits.

Venture Diligence

Rapid diligence that assesses the accuracy of financial statements by targeting key accounts and providing a grade for each. Our process focuses analysis of high impact accounts to make a sound investment decision within the constrained timeline of a competitive investment process. 

Since 2021, Exbo Group has supported transactions totaling $880m in deal value

Key verticals we have supported:

Case study

Exbo Group has experience working with on premise and cloud-based software as a service models. We have supported the acquisition of software companies from small IP based acquisitions to established companies exceeding $500m in enterprise value.

SurePoint Technologies purchase of ContactEase, a CRM for law firms that creates the first cloud platform integrating CRM with legal management and financial data.

Professional Services

We lead diligence efforts for wide range of targets within professional services. These include businesses that scale through contractors to more traditional business models that focus on full-time staffing models.

Achieve Partners purchase of Ro Health. Healthcare technology a patient-centric healthcare system.


Exbo Group works with payment processing targets as well as targets that support the wider banking and payments processing ecosystem.

Aquiline Capital Partners acquisition of SyncHR. Cloud- based, patented CM platform streamlining core HR, benefits, payroll and reporting.

Intellectual property

We advise on asset purchases focused on the acquisition of key intellectual property. This includes small cap investments designed to acquire IP or technology that support a buyer's long- term strategy.

Type Founders purchase of Mark Simonson LLC. Graphic design firm owning popular font Proxima Nova used by Instagram and Spotify.

Education technology

This vertical includes targets that use software and data to impact educational outcomes and teaching quality, as well as companies that provide access to a range of students and life-long learners.

General Atlantic and ReThink Education’s $70m Series B investment in Crehana, an EdTech platform focused on closing the reskilling and upskilling gap for individuals and companies

Exbo Group diligence is approved by recognized debt providers for a wide range of investments

For Private Equity and VC Investors

Transaction Services

Target Assessment

Prior to a transaction, our team provides mission critical pre-LOI analysis of a potential target, including data cleansing and customer analysis. 

Financial Due Diligence

With a  team comprised of former Big 4 advisors, Exbo Group’s Quality of Earnings combine the experience and speed of a large auditor with the high-touch, customized feel of a boutique advisory firm.

Post-Close & Integration Support

The Controllership function improves client operations by optimizing the order-to-cash process towards an ideal future state. During this process, we help define ownership for each task by creating an operations manual. Financial operations that present sustained risks are also evaluated via an operational scorecard that is reviewed quarterly with the client.

Tax Advisory

Tax Due Diligence

With deep Big-4 experience, Exbo Group’s tax diligence works with some of the world leading private equity funds to provide the rapid, but still comprehensive, diligence required for lower middle market strategies.

Finance Transformation

Accounting Transformation

Once a business receives new capital, the operational challenges can quickly become apparent. Our experience working with hundreds of growth-stage businesses allows us to establish a solid foundation for operations going forward. This includes an opening balance sheet, remediated historical financials, and an updated Chart of Accounts.

ERP Implementation

With roll up strategies, implementing the appropriate infrastructure early means critical reporting can be produced accurately and seamlessly as the firm scales. Exbo Group helps PE funds transition target systems to Netsuite making rapid post-close integration possible from Day 1.

CFO and Controllership Advisory

Portfolio Company Accounting

Targets’ existing accounting teams often do not have the capacity to meet the increased demand of buyers post-close. Exbo Group’s team of CPAs step in to produce accurate and timely financial statements on a monthly basis.

Portfolio Company Controllership

Some targets’ accounting teams may have the resourcing, but lack the expertise to produce accurate financials. Exbo Group’s expert CPAs implement GAAP accounting standards ensuring financials are audit ready every month.

Office of the CFO

Whether we are acting CFOs or providing existing CFOs with sophisticated support, our team combines decades of experience in investment banking, private equity, and management consulting to help portfolio companies operate at the level of sophistication required from buyers post-close.