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CFO and Accounting Advisory

For CEOs and CFOs

Leading CFO, Accounting and Back-End Architecture creation to achieve scalable long-term growth

Experienced consultants who help build highly scalable finance functions

Advanced Fundraising Support

We guide clients through the fundraising process by creating a financial model, developing key metrics, supporting data room creation, and making sure the management team can confidently present a cohesive growth strategy for the business.

With Exbo Group’s expertise, our clients stand out as ahead of the curve in their investment class throughout diligence.

Precise Cash Management

Understanding the daily flow of funds and future cash balances are critical to high growth companies. As we track spending, we continually adjust cash runway in reaction to changes in revenue, hiring, and spending decisions.

This ensures our clients aren’t burning cash too quickly and are matching spending levels with their growth pace. Most importantly, quality cash management provides maximum foresight on when to fundraise to avoid last minute investment at unfavorable terms.

Expert Back-End Architecture Design and Implementation

Once a business is capitalized, the number one reason we see firms fail is operational breakage. Scaling a firm that services 1 customer to one that services 10,000 is challenging. Success begins with choosing the right software and processes to scale your business.

We use our expertise to design optimal back-end architecture solutions that allow our clients to scale seamlessly

Investor-Class Accounting

The need for high quality accounting changes as firms begin to interface with sophisticated investors. On demand, accurate financial statements become a necessity. Our clients’ books are closed timely, accurately, and according to GAAP standards each month.

This ensures that management, investors, and board members can easily dig into financial data as needed. The financial statements are audit ready for leading public accounting firms and diligence-ready for lead investors.

In 2021, we supported capital raises totaling $161,000,000 across Seed, Series A, and Series B investments

Exbo Group specializes in the following rapidly growing verticals:

Case study
Digital Health

Technology is changing the way we think and approach challenges within the digital health landscape. We work with companies and founders that are passionate about building products that improve our relationship to healthcare and its services.

Rupa Health's $20M Series A financing round was led by Bessemer Venture Partners. The company is revolutionizing medicine by enabling access to root cause medicine – where practitioners aim to identify and solve the true, underlying cause of an illness.

Education Technology

Exbo Group has deep experience supporting new technology that is changing the way we learn and receive access to information.  We work with top companies and investors that aim to improve education outcomes for all.

Mentor Collective's $21M Series A fundraise was led by Resolve Growth Partners. and Lumina Foundation. The fundraise will be used to support further expansion of products, services, and mentorship within higher education.

Professional Services

Our team supports a wide range of professional service firms that span multiple industries. We aim to improve our clients’ understanding of their project and unit economics to achieve long-term business scalability.

Freedom Learning Group's acquisition by Achieve Partners. Freedom Learning Group is the leading educational courseware, content, and services provider powered by a global remote workforce of Military Spouses & Veterans.


The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model is attractive to both customers and investors because of its pricing flexibility and recurring revenue structure. We work with SaaS companies to better understand key metrics associated with this revenue model and acquire customers more efficiently.

Care Academy's $9.5M Series A financing led by Impact America Fund. CareAcademy provides home care and home health agencies with a best-in-class online education platform.