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March 30, 2021

Upswing Announces $5 Million in Series A Funding to Accelerate Connected College Experience for Nontraditional Students

CFO and Controllership Advisory

Upswing recently announced that they raised $5 million during their Series A funding round led by Imaginable Futures and JP Morgan Chase. The funds will help expand student support services and the company’s new Mental Health and Wellness Module. Exbo Group provides ongoing financial diligence support to Upswing.

Key investors included Bonsal Capital, the Agave Fund, Sustain VC, the Impact America Fund and Lumina Foundation.

Upswing Co-Founder and CEO, Melvin Hines, said, “These investments will help us accelerate [our] vision by providing the necessary talent, systems, and other resources to build and scale our efforts to support student retention and engagement for nontraditional students.” Upswing aims to bridge the resources gap seen in higher education by providing nontraditional students with both academic and nonacademic support.

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