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March 5, 2024

LaunchPad Home Group Acquires AJF Inspections

Transaction Services

LaunchPad Home Group, the nation’s premier provider of home inspection and residential services, recently announced its acquisition of AJF Inspections, a home inspection brand in Phoenix, AZ. Exbo Group performed the financial and tax due diligence for the deal, providing the Quality of Earnings and a detailed tax analysis of key risk areas.

LaunchPad’s goal is to continue to expand its presence in key markets and enhance its offerings to better serve homeowners and real estate professionals.

Scott Swayze, CEO for LaunchPad, said, “What sets AJF apart is their deep involvement within the community, best-in-class service, and their unparalleled understanding of real estate professionals. We are thrilled to welcome the Furman family and their impressive team to the LaunchPad platform.”

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