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June 12, 2023

Cordance Completes Acquisition of Rubber Tree Systems

Transaction Services

Exbo Group performed the financial due diligence for Cordance’s acquisition of Rubber Tree Systems, a SaaS solution provider that specializes in sales execution and analytics for distribution and manufacturing professionals. 

In addition to the financial due diligence performed, Exbo Group prepared the Quality of Earnings by examining the sustainability and reliability of the earnings, assessing the composition of revenue and expense items, and identifying any one-time or non-recurring items that could distort the financial picture. Our team also continues to provide integration support to aid in a productive onboarding period. 

Sharon Love, CEO of Cordance, said, “Industrial distribution is a critical engine behind the US economy. Cordance is thrilled to collaborate with Rubber Tree Systems to equip distributors with tools that help them grow and thrive.”

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