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June 22, 2023

Nicholas Spezio, Director of Transaction Services, Joins the M&A Talk Podcast to Discuss the Challenges of Financial Due Diligence

Transaction Services

Exbo Group's Director of Transaction Services, Nicholas Spezio, was invited to do two episodes of the M&A Talk Podcast hosted by Jacob Orosz. M&A Talk is the #1 podcast on mergers & acquisitions. They conduct exclusive interviews about business sales, valuations, mergers and acquisitions with the most experienced professionals in the industry. 

In the first episode, Nicholas highlights the importance of not rushing through the financial due diligence process. He discusses the integration process, the objectives and advantages of doing financial due diligence, why financial due diligence is the most challenging part of integration, and how to set a company up for success with a seamless integration. 

The second episode then focuses on how a Quality of Earnings Report can help sellers and buyers in M&A Transactions by ensuring that both parties are prepared for the diligence process by flushing out potential issues early enough in the transaction.

You can find the full episodes in the link below.

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