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April 18, 2023

Exbo Group’s Transaction Services Team Reached $192 Million in Closed M&A Transactions in Q1 2023

Transaction Services

One of the key closes from the last quarter was a multi-entity, international deal in the technology industry valued at over $100 million. In addition to the Quality of Earnings, Exbo Group provided post-closing integration support for the closed deals, which included working with both the seller and the buyer's integration, finance and accounting teams to support the transition of data from the seller's systems into the buyers.

In recent quarters, Exbo Group has seen a surge in M&A activity within the technology space, with companies seeking to gain a competitive edge and accelerate their growth through strategic acquisitions. This trend shows no signs of slowing down, as the technology sector continues to evolve and innovate rapidly. 

Another key factor that we're seeing contribute to the rise in M&A activity is the increasing importance of data and analytics, and how those tools can integrate into the buyer's current suite of investments and portfolio companies. With the explosion of data in recent years, companies are looking for ways to leverage this information to gain insights into customer behavior, market trends, and other critical business drivers. By acquiring companies with expertise in data analysis, larger firms can improve their own data capabilities and gain a competitive edge.

Overall, we believe the strong M&A activity in the technology space is a testament to the sector's dynamism and potential for continued growth and a wide array of downstream use cases. As new technologies emerge and customer demands evolve, companies will continue to look for ways to stay ahead of the curve, and M&A activity will play a critical role in helping them achieve that goal. Early into Q2 2023, Exbo Group is continuing to see strong demand by both buyers and sellers to make deals in the technology space.

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