Business Challenge

During the growth phase of a business, one constant is the ever-changing nature of a startup’s operations and finances. In addition to managing its cash burn and runway, an organization must also be able to answer key questions to move the business forward such as:

  • When can I hire a new engineer?

  • Do I need to change my sales targets?

  • What is my path to profitability?

Inability to answer these types of questions can paralyze a founder or management team. Therefore, it is essential to understand of the impact of associated revenue and cost drivers that are specific to your company in order to capture rapid growth.

Flexible Solution

To answer operational and strategic financial questions, we develop a bottoms-up cost budget and detailed sales targets and then project out financial statements on a monthly basis with account-level detail. Our team then reviews strategic monthly performance against objectives with management to answer ongoing operational issues concerning cash management, as well as address long-term strategic questions to meet the goals of each business.